Grain: from seed to harvest

Cereal grains are only a few millimetres long… And yet, they are packed with goodness. They have an incredible destiny: to nourish people! Discover the history of grain crops – wheat, barley, and maize — and take a look behind the scenes of grain farming.

Le grain au fil des saisons

In the beginning, there was grain

Grain has nourished people since the dawn of civilization.

Prendre soin du grain chez VIVESCIA

Looking after grain at VIVESCIA

VIVESCIA’s grain community is passionate about looking after the grain to the highest standards.

Le grain à la loupe

Grain under the microscope

A grain of cereal is packed with goodness.

Le grain au fil des saisons

Grain throughout the seasons

Wheat, barley, maize,… Every grain has its story, its rhythm, and its specificities!