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What are our different grain processing businesses ?

VIVESCIA Industries specialises in processing many different types of grain. Each of our business units is a company working in a specific sector, mainly in the B2B food industry. However, some of our companies also have brands that are well known by the general public: Francine flour and Campaillette bakeries in France, and Délifrance on international markets.

Our processing activities around the world

  • €3
    billion in turnover
  • 5,400
  • 55
    production sites in 25 countries

Our six grain processing businesses

VIVESCIA Industries around the world

Did you know that, 1 in 3 bakers in France works with Grands Moulins de Paris? Worldwide, 1 in 10 beers are produced with our malt. But also...

  • 43 M
    of Francine products are sold in France every year
  • 60
    pastries produced and sold by Délifrance every second worldwide

To find out more, visit our VIVESCIA Industries website and our page listing our brands.