Annual Report VIVESCIA 2021

Christoph Büren
Christoph Büren re-elected President of VIVESCIA
VIVESCIA Group's consolidated results for the year ended 30 June 2021
Annual Report VIVESCIA 2021
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Christoph Büren re-elected President of VIVESCIA - 2021
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On the grain road

To bake good bread and croissants or to brew good beer requires good grain!
And the grain must be looked after throughout the value chain: from farmer to consumer.
This is why, at VIVESCIA, farmers and employees are committed to produce and process the cereals that bring natural, healthy and good food to people.

VIVESCIA Agriculture

Upstream. Our experts support the farmers towards an ever more sustainable agriculture.

VIVESCIA Industries

Downstream. The VIVESCIA processing companies are extracting the entire grain potential.