Our locations: from Eastern France to the international stage

VIVESCIA was founded in Eastern France, when a group of farmers decided to join forces to sell their crops. Since then, the Group has grown and diversified to meet the needs of the food manufacturers and consumers. We are now a global group with sites all over the world, but we remain a grain cooperative at heart, and we use our international reach to serve our local territories.

Eastern France, the birthplace of our Cooperative

Implantation Grand Est

The 10,000 farmers who own our cooperative live and work in this outstanding grain-growing region. Our businesses in the region span VIVESCIA Industries’ six areas of expertise – milling, frozen bakery, malting, maize processing, animal feed, and research and biotechnology – which all seek to add value to grain. Our head office is also located in the Group’s region of origin, in Reims.

We are firmly attached to Eastern France and we continue to invest, innovate and grow our business in the region. We are modernising to make our storage facilities more efficient, for example by expanding and refitting our strategic distribution silos and building more energy-efficient silos at Sommesous. At the same time, we are adapting and developing our production sites and reducing their environmental footprint,  with projects to modernise our mill in Reims, to double the capacity of the ARD industrial bio-demonstrator, and much more.

  • +2 000
    indirect jobs created in the cooperative’s territory
  • 87%
    of the grain harvested in the cooperative’s territory is processed within a radius of under 300km
  • +1m€
    in assistance from the cooperative to new members and young farmers (1 July 2019 – 30 June 2020)

Sites all over France

Carte implantation France

Our facilities in France are not confined to the Grand Est region, we also have 13 sites spread far and wide across the country belonging to our milling, frozen bakery, malting and maize processing businesses. They demonstrate how our wheat-flour-bread and barley-malt production chains have grown, and the strong ties we have with other regions. 80% of the grain processed on VIVESCIA Group’s sites and by our customers is transported less than 300km between the field or silo and the factory. 

  • 4
    malt houses in France
  • 7
    mills in France

Our brands and operations on the international stage

Eastern France, the birthplace of our Group, is recognised for its agricultural and industrial expertise. It is this expertise that we export and promote across the world, focusing on growth markets: baking ingredients, frozen bakery, and brewing and distilling ingredients.

Our Délifrance brand has a strong international footprint. It is sold in 100 countries, and its 250 bakery-cafés across Europe, Asia and the Middle East help us achieve our ambition of being a global ambassador for French bakery products.

Malteurop’s malt houses are located close to the world’s main barley-growing areas and the principal beer consumption regions: in Europe; in the USA, Canada, Australia, China, and New Zealand for more than a decade now; with Latin America soon to be added. This makes us one of the leading maltsters in the Asia Pacific zone. We aim to become the world’s leading producer of malted ingredients by targeting high-end, high-growth segments such as craft beers.

Kalizea, our maize processing business, is also growing internationally. Our sites in France, Poland and Romania are ideally located for exporting, in particular via the ports of Antwerp (Belgium) and Gdynia (Poland). They operate to very high quality and safety standards: all the three sites are FSSC 22000-certified

  • 2 800
    employees around the world (excluding France)
  • 60
    production sites around the world
  • 60
    implantations industrielles dans le monde
  • 24
    malt houses in 14 countries