Kalizea: Our maize processing business

A source of fibre and protein, high in vitamins and minerals, Kalizea’s maize is used in a wide variety of "treats".  To meet the wide-ranging needs of our food industry customers, we turn our maize into grits, semolina, flour, oil and more. And we are constantly innovating!

maisWhat is Kalizea’s business?

A spirit of partnership, in France and abroad 

Thanks to our agricultural roots, we cultivate close relationships with farmers in the regions we operate in. From field to fork, our organisational model is based on agronomic and industrial know-how and solid partnerships with seed producers, farmers and grain storage companies whose practices are audited annually. 

This model guarantees full traceability of the supply chain. Every link in the chain has a crucial role in guaranteeing our customers receive a reliable supply of products that meet their requirements. We have a range of more than 30 GMO-free ingredients made using natural maize fractioning processes.

Strategic locations 

Thanks to our sites in France, Poland, and Romania, we can diversify and balance our maize supply. Moreover, our sites in Poland and Romania are ideally located to export our products through the ports of Antwerp (Belgium) and Gdynia (Poland). All three production sites are FSSC 22,000-certified.

  • 3
    production sites in France, Poland and Romania
  • 30
    100% non-GMO ingredients
  • N°2
    in Europe

A spirit of innovation and experimentation 

To be more efficient and more creative and to foster experimentation and explore new technologies, our R&D teams work in partnership with various VIVESCIA departments as well as external partners who are experts in their field. And finally, we capitalise on maize’s specific technical, nutritional and organoleptic properties to innovate and find new applications for our products: Naturally gluten-free, maize can be used to develop a wide range of products in the fast-growing gluten-free segment!

Sustainable and environmentally friendly production 

We are particularly attentive to the sustainability of our business. Our raw materials are sourced from less than 100 km from our production sites. 

Our production process is energy- and water-efficient thanks to a variety of systems that we continuously optimise. 

And we are stepping up our sustainability efforts with three main priorities: sustainable production, the development of the local economy where we operate, and employee job satisfaction.