Nealia: Our Animal Nutrition business

An expert in animal nutrition, Nealia supports livestock farmers in the Grand Est region of France with both animal feed products (for cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs, horses, and farmyard animals) and strategic advice on how to run their farms more efficiently. For years, livestock farmers have had to deal with the undervaluation of their finished products: meat, milk and eggs. So, our priority is clear: to help livestock farmers reduce their production costs to allow them to be competitive on international markets. This priority is the bedrock for our decisions, alliances and innovation policy around animal nutrition.

What is Nealia’s business?

Innovating to secure the long-term future of livestock farming in the Grand Est region 

Nutritional quality and food safety for the consumer depends on the animals' health. We are therefore committed to bringing livestock farmers expert animal nutrition solutions for cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs, horses, and farmyard animals. We provide support on their business strategy and model. Our advice always considers their situation from an economic and social perspective as well as in terms of their production methods. Where relevant, we also suggest opportunities for diversification.  

Pioneers in moist and semi-moist compound feed 

Thanks to our teams’ expertise, we were able to invent a new type of feed: moist compound feed, which is formulated and produced with the same care as dry compound feed. This solution makes it possible to add value to coproducts from agri-food production processes (starch, biorefinery) – such as cull potatoes, spent grain, bran, and wheat gluten – which are economical, environmentally friendly, and nutritionally beneficial. We have full control over the entire value chain from supply, to logistics, production, marketing and customer support. All NEALIA’s moist feed products comply with the requirements for “GMO-free” labelling (<0.9%).

  • N°1
    regional animal feed producer 50% market share
  • 3,400
    active customers
  • 450,000
    tonnes of feed sold per year

A regional poultry supply chain and innovative partners

From farm to fork: our regional broiler chicken supply chain

With support from Nealia, which has a 45% stake in the business, Les Eleveurs de la Champagne, highlights the regional origin of its poultry products. Our regional supply chain is recognised for the consistently high quality of its products, which are exclusively sourced from our region. The chickens are sold under the Volailles Champenoises brand through retailers, food service, and regional wholesalers.

Insect farming: a fast-growing sector! 

To diversify our markets and capitalise on our expertise, we are strengthening our position in insect farming. For this, we are establishing partnerships with French biotechnology firms specialising in farming and processing insect protein for animal feed. These products help to replicate the animals’ natural diets while protecting the planet thanks to its reduced environmental impact: lower CO2 emissions and fewer ingredients imported from remote countries.

Our partnership with Agronutris is for the supply of 45,000 tonnes of moist compound feed per year made from coproducts from agri-food businesses in the surrounding area. The feed will then be transported to Pauvres and delivered directly to Agronutris’s site in Rethel, which is currently under construction.