The future of farming with VIVESCIA

Developing the farming of the future is a thrilling challenge! At VIVESCIA, we don't just think about it. We help every cooperative farmer move towards more environmentally friendly and economical solutions. These twin challenges are the key to developing the future of farming.

VIVESCIA: People with talent!

It's not common knowledge, but the Grand-Est region of France is an excellent grain production area and this has been true for a very long time. This makes VIVESCIA's territory one of France's biggest farming regions.

Since our origins, our grain expertise comes from the talent of the people of our region. To this day, know-how is one of VIVESCIA cooperative Group's distinctive features. Constantly evolving, as it always has, it is combined with the audacity to innovate. And VIVESCIA's member-farmers' entrepreneurial spirit continues to make the difference…

Diversified agriculture, a plurality of solutions

Every farm is different. To provide customised solutions that are both environmentally friendly and create value for farmers, VIVESCIA's teams are constantly experimenting new ideas.

The Group is investing to develop efficient agronomic solutions and crop management techniques: Bio-inputs, soil conservation farming and cover crops, precision farming, etc.VIVESCIA is also developing responsible sourcing partnerships with other major food industry players, and new logistic solutions like on-farm storage.

Our in-depth understanding of the region, its soil, and the crops that are grown here help us find solutions that meet everyone's needs. And VIVESCIA's member-farmers' entrepreneurial spirit continues to make the difference…

VIV'AVENIR: How VIVESCIA cooperative will develop the farming of tomorrow

The VIV'AVENIR action plan is the driving force behind VIVESCIA's attempts to develop the farming systems of tomorrow, with and for the farmers in our territories.

Our big farming challenges

  • To transform the farming cooperative to help farms on our territory become more competitive

  • To help farmers adopt agronomic practices that are both sustainable and profitable, ecological and economical, while producing the right quality in the right quantities

  • To protect the soil: farmers' primary asset

  • To provide consumers with traceable, high-quality, and delicious products

Sébastien Abis

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With VIV'AVENIR, VIVESCIA is providing solutions that meet everyone's needs.

Des solutions agronomiques

Responsible agronomic solutions

VIVESCIA is getting agronomy to work for the agriculture of the future

Stockage à la ferme

Logistic excellence

On-farm storage, logistics, and sustainable farming: what's the connection?