To work closely with our people and nurture their talents

Être proche des hommes et des femmes et cultiver leurs talents

Our people are our main asset. The development of our employees and safety at work are at the forefront of our responsibilities. Safety is one of our utmost priorities. It is an absolute prerequisite to any economic activity and a non-negotiable condition to our performance. Our objective is ambitious: zero-accident.

Our challenges

  • Health & Safety at work
  • Development of skills and talents
  • Relationships at work
  • Diversity

In 2015-2016

10% less accidents in 2015-2016Workforce by gender287 disabled employees


91,500 training hours including 10% in Management, 35% in Health & Safety70% of employees had at least one training programme in 201518 hours of training in average per trained employee

Health & safety at work: the “care” programme

Presentation of the "CARE" programme - Franck Coste, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Organisation and Information

Safety is everyone’s concern. The challenge is to improve everyone’s behaviour in professional and personal circumstances.

Objectives CARE

  • Supported by VIVESCIA Group Executive Committee, the CARE programme follows the method established by DuPont Services that also provide assistance in its implementation. Launched by NutriXo in 2015, then by Malteurop early 2016, the CARE initiative has now been extended to all the companies of the Group.
  • The creation of the “CARE Excellence Committee” aims at speeding up the achievement of the expected performance through the compilation and sharing of the good practices identified by and for all companies. Each company also has a CARE dedicated team under the responsibility of the General manager.

To care by example

1st safety day at Malteurop1st awareness week at Nealia

Development of skills and talents

To prepare for the future, the challenge is also to attract, recruit and retain talents. We are working closely with our employees for their career development and aim at promoting their mobility within the Group. To this end, we are nurturing their talents.

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