To innovate for healthy food whilst preserving resources

Innover pour une alimentation saine qui préserve les ressources

This commitment has a dual purpose. It is as essential to the sustainability of our activities as it is an imperative to the profitability of our companies and success of our products. Our objectives are to innovate and bring the best of agricultural and processed products to our customers and consumers…but also to improve our practices for producing better and more with less, in the fields as well as in the factories.

Our challenges

  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture
  • Climate and energy
  • Water
  • Biodiversity and soil
  • Waste and emissions
  • Product innovation safeguarding quality

To reduce our energy consumption and our ghg emissions

Our priority is to reduce our energy consumption and our GHG emissions. Through our activities, we are particularly aware of the issue of climate change but beyond this fight, the energy consumption is a major economic challenge for each and every company of the Group: energy is the second largest cost item. VIVESCIA Group has set the objective to reduce all energy consumption by 30% by 2020 (as compared to the 2013-2014 year).

  • To reduce the need in energy and improve the energy efficiency – It is in that objective that the EMS (Energy Management System) is being implemented throughout the Group. We are investing in energy efficient equipment or installations using renewable energy.
  • An Energy Committee since 2016 – It consists of Energy representatives from each company of the Group Its mission is to share good practices across the Group, identify synergies and monitor progress.


Videos about the projects undertaken by the Group to fulfil this objective.

Presentation of VIV'ENERGIE project - Alain Blaise, Investment, Works and Maintenance Manager
Presentation of Social Responsibility of Délifrance - Stéphanie Barat, CSR Project Manager
Presentation of Social Responsibility of Malteurop - Laurent Descotes, Group Manufacturing Project Director

To develop a sustainable agriculture over the entire territory

The major challenges of sustainable agriculture are all about the protection of resources (water, soil, air, biodiversity). The sustainable agriculture approach embodied by VIV’AVENIR is providing support to the farmers towards practices that are innovative, profitable and environmentally friendly.

  • A pragmatic and tailor-made approach – Designed with and for each farmer, it also offers personalised support. It starts with an assessment of the farm’s sustainability based on 8 indicators. An action plan is then designed to better advise the farmer on his progress strategy.
  • Multidisciplinary research groups – They proceed to in-depth work on various recurring topics such as weed killing by testing innovative practices and produce solutions that can be widely implemented.
  • Vivescia is a stakeholder in “Ferme 112" – Located on the former Reims Air Base (BA112), this experimental agro-technologic platform studies various methods of large-scale responsible production in connection with future trends. The objective: to become an economic model of growth that respects sustainability and environment.
  • With Sepac, the soil works on its own! The method of sowing under cover crops reduces ploughing: it only requires to just sow (wheat, rapeseed, maize or soya) directly under the cover of intermediary vegetal (alfalfa, clover, trefoil). There are many economical and environmental benefits: less ploughing means less equipment, less fuel but also less weeds...and therefore less chemical inputs. Another advantage: biodiversity increase the worm population and their burrowing provides the ground with better lift and drainage.

To innovate for growth and excellence

Today, to innovate means to establish a connection between the markets, the customers’ expectations and the technical potential of our companies. But to innovate also means to favour a multidisciplinary approach and joint projects with our customers to gain in responsiveness.

VIVESCIA innovation in action

ARD a signé un accord avec Fermentalg


In May 2016, ARD signed an agreement with Fermentalg (industrial biotechnology company specialised in the production of oils and proteins from micro-algae). The objective is to produce a new source of DHA on a large scale for very high value applications. This essential fatty acid of the Omega-3 group is very highly thought after in human nutrition for its role in the prevention of many diseases affecting mostly the brain and the heart (in particular for the reduction of cardio-vascular diseases).

Dans son café-boulangerie de New-Delhi en Inde, Délifrance repense son offre


In its café-bakery of New Delhi in India, Délifrance adapts its range of products to attract its Indian customers who are at 70% vegetarian. Everything is produced on site with 2 distinct flows of “veg” and “non-veg” products.  On the menu: French croissants, Western style savoury snacks and a whole range of Indian style products such as the “chicken Tandoori” sandwich.