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Thursday, 19 September, 2019 - 10:15

Safety in the workplace at VIVESCIA: The third "Safety Day" for all companies of the Group

For the third consecutive year, VIVESCIA's 7,500 employees in 25 countries got together to focus on a shared priority and culture: safety in the workplace. With educational workshops, real-life situations, and exercises, this event is an opportunity to illustrate the "eight life-saving rules" in real-life situations and is a key element of the CARE programme, which was launched by VIVESCIA in 2016.

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Jean-Luc Jonet, Managing Director of VIVESCIA Agriculture and Sponsor of the Group's CARE programme: « Safety Day has become a major part of our Group's safety culture. It brings us together, mobilises us and engages us, while reminding us that safety is first and foremost about changing our habits and behaviour. We have made progress over the last three years, and our results are encouraging. But where safety is concerned, you can never let your guard down. The application of the "eight life-saving rules" by all our employees will lead us collectively towards our target of zero accidents.»

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The "8 life-saving rules": the central theme of Safety Day 2019

For this third edition, just like in 2018, the "eight life-saving rules" were the central theme of the Safety Day. The aim was to help everyone understand and take ownership of them. A result of risk analysis audits by all VIVESCIA Group's businesses, these emblematic rules remind us of simple behaviours we should all adopt to minimise everyday risks.

Each rule is summarised in a single sentence and illustrated using a pictogram. The Safety Day featured activities illustrating these rules in real-life situations, exercises, and educational workshops that strengthen cohesion and employees' motivation to adhere to our safety culture. In 2019, eight educational videos were produced where each rule is explained by a colleague. These videos are accessible to everyone on the Group intranet.

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CARE: A pragmatic approach to make safety an everyday mindset

Launched in 2016, the "CARE" safety programme is led by members of VIVESCIA's executive committee. After the "life-saving rules" were drafted to establish shared expectations for all companies, this year the Group launched a training programme for managers on the five governance standards — safety principles that managers must know and master in order to manage safety. Everyday rituals (such as the "safety contact" and "safety dialogues") at every level of the company help to raise awareness and illustrate the progress made over the last three years. The next step is to roll out 10 operational standards in each company, according to their priority risks, by 30 June 2021.

Once again, nothing justifies getting injured at work. And safety is for every day of the year! 


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