Safety in the workplace: our second SAFETY DAY

Le Groupe VIVESCIA organise son premier « Safety Day* »
Thursday, 20 September, 2018 - 10:00

VIVESCIA's 7,500 employees in 25 countries are all focused on a common priority today: safety. The purpose of this event is to boost employee understanding of and engagement in the Group's health and safety programme, "CARE", in particular the "eight rules life-saving rules", which is the main theme chosen for the second edition.

Alain Le Floch, Managing Director of VIVESCIA : « The widespread participation today demonstrates our desire to build a strong shared culture, to reach our objective of zero accidents by 2020. The CARE programme is now bearing fruit – the number of industrial accidents is down – but we can improve more and more quickly. This Safety Day must be an opportunity to accelerate this dynamic by sharing best practices to constantly improve everyone's health and safety. »


Adopting a safety mindset

That the objective that VIVESCIA set itself when launching the "CARE" safety programme in all its companies two years ago. It aims to raise employee’s awareness of the risks they may be exposed to in both their professional and personal lives, in order to change everyone's behaviour. Driven by the Group's Executive Committee, with the support of global safety expert, Dupont, this policy is has a strong focus on training the Group's managers, who must both show the example and ensure employee buy-in. The next step will be to roll out the eight governance standards in 2019 (safety rituals, evaluation of safety performance, business travel, etc.).


There is a powerful theme for this second edition: "the 8 life-saving rules"

These rules were established following a risk analysis of all VIVESCIA's businesses and they relate to simple behaviour that we must all adopt. Each rule is summarised in a single sentence and illustrated using a pictogram. Illustrating both the theory and the practice in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to take part, the various workshops organised during Safety Day should allow employees to understand, take ownership of, and then apply these rules in the workplace and in their private lives.



To highlight employee engagement, a digital platform has been designed to present the various initiatives organised for the big day. It will feature all our companies' and employees' social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) made using the hashtag "#WeCareVIVESCIA".