Friday, 8 January, 2021 - 11:15

Read VIVESCIA Group's 2019-2020 annual report, "Grains"

annual report VIVESCIA

This year, "Grains" invites you to follow the path VIVESCIA has taken to ramp up its transformation and build a more agile, more sustainable, and more efficient Group for the future. 

We have chosen five keywords that reflect our mindset and actions, pay tribute to our big and little success stories, and sum up this extraordinary year: cooperation, transformation, solidarity, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.  

Through a series of interviews and stories, they also illustrate the commitment, agility, and determination that VIVESCIA's people have demonstrated to face this unprecedented crisis, move forward day after day, and collectively build for the future of our Group. 

The century-long growth of the VIVESCIA model has its roots in cooperative principlesbased on farmers and employees pooling their knowledge, expertise and energies for the benefit of all. ‘Working together’ perfectly sums up the way they work on a daily basis.
A fresh start: VIVESCIA is accelerating its transformation to become more agile, more sustainable and more efficient in all its Cooperative and VIVESCIA Industries businesses.
The VIVESCIA story is primarily one of agricultural entrepreneurs who have taken the decision to join forces in building a sustainable agricultural and agrifood model. Everything we do reflects our adventurous approach to entrepreneurship and encouraging others to join us.
Our commitment to solidarity is actioned on a daily basis through regional and local development initiatives. This year, it has assumed a new resonance.
The sustainability of our businesses is linked to climate change, consumer trends and societal expectations... From fi eld to fork, this collective challenge engages and demands all our energies!