The cooperative model developed by VIVESCIA is decisively ethical at all levels: economic, societal and environmental. It is from these ambitions that our strategy arises.

Our objective: To be the worldwide leading company in the high added value cereal-based food industry.


Our cooperative model is the key to our success and our future.

The markets of food industry are increasingly global and our activities are evolving. But fundamentally we are following the strategy that governed the creation of VIVESCIA: to generate added value at all the stages of the grain’s life for the benefit of our member-farmers, our shareholders, our customers and our consumers.

Since 2010, the capital of the VIVESCIA companies is open to the Group’s employees and member-farmers. We are indeed certain that it is through their joint status as member-farmers of the cooperative group and shareholders of VIVESCIA Industries that the farmers can ensure the sustainability of their revenues: the former reward their work, the latter reward their invested capital.

It is in that spirit that VIVESCIA’s story continues to unfold abroad. It is on every continent that we promote our agricultural and industrial savoir-faire that stems from our homeland.


Our roots: VIVESCIA Agriculture

To develop agriculture to be ever more responsible that combines sustainability and profitability, quality and quantity, environment and business. This is the challenge of our strategic project. This means:

  • To assist farmers with the evolution of agricultural practices and farm management for the improvement of their revenues and the sustainability of their business.
  • To steer farmers towards agricultural productions that generate more value to supply of the most profitable markets and respond to the global food requirements.
  • To use less farming inputs, to save energy, to shorten the logistic supply chains


Our wining spirit: VIVESCIA Industries

To create added value to the grain produced by our members and to pursue our international development for the benefit of our homeland. This means:

  • To innovate and develop high added value products
  • To pursue our investments to improve the performance of our production facilities
  • To strengthen our positions on key markets (bakery ingredients, frozen bakery, brewing ingredients) to become:

• The worldwide ambassador of the bakery “à la française” by capitalising on our undisputed reputation of "savoir-faire" and high-quality products.
• The leader in high-quality malted ingredients with the strong support of our international operations and our expertise in the barley-malt-beer chain that positions us on premium segments (mostly craft beers).

... And with strong principles

  • The 21st Century agriculture must be sustainable to be long lasting! We are assisting farmers in the progress of agricultural practices and farm management techniques for an improvement of their revenues.
  • Agriculture is the first link in the VIVESCIA value chain. We advise farmers about the productions that create the most value. For this, we identify the crops and varieties that can supply at best the most profitable markets.
  • A strong industry for a strong agriculture. The group advances on its two legs. Our knowledge of the markets provides guidance about the best crops to produce. Our agricultural and industrial expertise is essential to secure productive partnership with major food industry companies.
  • The markets demand influences the agricultural production. To continue adding value to the production of our members, we must tap into the growth wherever it occurs: on international markets, closer to our customers, and particularly in Asia.


VIVESCIA’s strategy in pictures

The VIVESCIA model enables member-farmers also to own the industrial facilities and thus supplement their revenues from the land. Now more than ever, this deeply rooted cooperative model perpetuates the principle that governed its creation: To Work together, To Dare with a spirit of enterprise, and To Win together!

L’idée initiale de VIVESCIA était de développer les savoir-faire du Groupe, qu’ils soient agronomiques ou industriels, pour augmenter la valeur ajoutée des céréales qui sont produites dans notre région d’origine

The initial VIVESCIA concept was to develop the Group’s agronomic and industrial expertise to increase the added value of the grain produce in the region.

France’s North-East quarter is an excellent cereal-producing region, yet it is geographically remote from the major commercial ports. Hence the need for creating grain processing factories where we are. Today, our vertically integrated model is naturally creating value because we understand our customers’ requirements and advise our member-farmers on which crop to produce in response.

Aujourd’hui, nous continuons d’investir dans la région, nous innovons...

We continue to invest in our region and we innovate.

We are continually improving the performance of our collection and industrial operations: upgrading of the site at Grands Moulins de Reims, building of more efficient and energy-saving silos (Sommesous), new facilities at our Research & Innovation centre (ARD and BioDemo).

Assez naturellement, cette stratégie s’est déclinée sur d’autres territoires et régions du monde

This strategy was quite naturally implemented across the world.

Growing and working together with our customers, wherever they might be, is a strategy led by many industries, ours included. Today, the international markets are a major source of growth and VIVESCIA has now spread over 4 continents.