Press release
Monday, 23 September, 2019 - 12:00

Malteurop, a major player in the global malt industry is building for its future with industrial projects in Spain and Mexico, and commercial initiatives in craft brewing and organic malt

Malteurop, a company of VIVESCIA Group, is pursuing its growth dynamic through "Shaping 2022", a strategic plan devised by its managing director, Olivier Parent. The company, which is set to have 23 malting plants in 14 countries by 2021, is rolling out several ambitious industrial and commercial projects that will allow it to grow with its customers and its markets all over the world.

  • 23 September: Inauguration of the extension to its Albacete malting plant in Spain
  • Continued international development in Mexico 
  • Malt in bags for craft breweries to be launched in September in France
  • An organic malt range by 2020
  • A new identity, with a focus on our farming roots

23 September: Inauguration of the extension to the Albacete malting plant in Spain

The Albacete plant has just been extended; a €14 million investment to increase production capacity from 60,000 to 100,000 tonnes per year. 

11 months after the inauguration of Geelong, Australia, in October 2018, an extension to Malteurop's Albacete plant was inaugurated today, on 23 September 2019, in the presence of local elected officials; the main shareholders of Intermalta (Malteurop and Mahou San Miguel); the President of VIVESCIA, Christoph Büren; the General Manager of VIVESCIA Industries, Olivier Miaux; the Managing Director of Malteurop and chairman of the board of Intermalta, Olivier Parent; as well as the Managing Director of Intermalta, Carlos Alvarez, and the local team.

Malteurop Espagne AlbaceteThis increases the production capacity of Intermalta – Malteurop's Spanish subsidiary – to 350,000 tonnes per year over its three sites (Albacete, San Adrian, and Seville) representing 16% of Malteurop's global production capacity, equivalent to 35 million hL of beer.

The malt produced in Albacete is intended for major Spanish brewers, as well as meeting burgeoning demand from regional craft breweries, which also represents a growing proportion of national consumption. It will also enable Malteurop to consolidate its export business, which has significant potential.

This project, codenamed Cervantes to embody the malting plant's strong attachment to its region of Castilla-la-Mancha, plans to eventually source 100% local barley. This is an important point for two reasons: in terms of minimising the environmental impact and to be able to offer customers local malt, which is increasingly a demand of the Spanish brewing industry.

The works were completed in record time, in just 12 months, and the plant is fitted with the latest generation of equipment and cutting-edge technology. Construction is now complete and the malting plant is operational.

Malteurop Espagne Albacete  projet Cervantes

International development continues in Mexico

Malteurop Mexique - HeinekenAs recently announced, Malteurop is pursuing its international development with the construction of a 120,000-tonne capacity malting plant in Meoqui, in northern Mexico, with work due to commence in the coming weeks and to be completed in 2021. 

This project means Malteurop will have operations in 14 different countries, and in a strategic region for the beer industry. Although it was entirely financed by Malteurop, the project was made possible thanks to a long-term contract with Heineken, for whom part of the production will be intended. 

Malt in bags for the craft brewing market, launched in September in France

In France, meanwhile, in September 2019, Malteurop is launching a range of malt in 25 kg bags, with three products: Pilsen (for all types of beer, especially lager), Pale Ale, and Wheat Malt (for white beers). 

These bags will be sold as part of a partnership signed with Malterie de Château, a Belgian speciality malt producer that will complement its range with our three French base malts produced using barley and wheat cultivated near our malting plants.

sacs malts Malteurop

At the same time, Malteurop is also launching a range in Australia intended for craft brewers as part of new partnership with the Australian distributor "BeerCo". Soon, New Zealand, Poland, and Spain will launch their own ranges aimed at local craft breweries, as customer demand varies greatly from one region to another.

A global strategy with a local action plan. Malteurop is lucky enough to be "local everywhere", in that it has operations in many countries but with strong local roots, both on the farming side, thanks to relationships with suppliers, as well on the commercial side, with breweries.

An organic malt range by 2020

logo agriculture biologiqueIn a few months, Malteurop will also launch an organic malt range. A malting plant is currently going through the accreditation process and should be able to meet the needs of this market by 2020. 

The challenge is in terms of the local grain supply. With this new supply chain, Malteurop provides commercial opportunities to farmers who are transitioning to organic farming.

A new identity, with a focus on our farming roots

Malteurop is getting a new look with a new brand identity that reflects its history and its agricultural roots. A new logo, a new tagline, and new visual codes

Malteurop nouvelle identitéIn France and Australia alike, the new bags will be adorned with the new Malteurop tagline, "the farmer-maltsters", and a tractor as a nod to its agricultural roots and cooperative shareholders, VIVESCIA. 

In late September, Malteurop will also launch a new website, in English and in French, with specific pages for each country, in the local language to meet the challenges of local demand.

Malteurop's CEO, Olivier Parent explained, "the fact that our company is owned by farmers is very important; in fact it's our strength and point of difference. They approve all our main major decisions, and they set the tone for our big projects, both in France and abroad. Ultimately, it's our roots and our history that help us grow."