Diversity of activities

A wide range of jobs and diverse profiles

The people are the first asset of VIVESCIA Group through a wide diversity of cultures, professions and talents gathered under one roof.

  • VIVESCIA Agriculture: Our employees are committed to support the farmers in adding value to their productions (advice and services, agronomy, sustainable agriculture).
  • VIVESCIA Industries: Our employees are experts in the processing of grain. They are working in relation with our customers in the food industry and retail (malting plants, mills, bakery production sites…).
  • Partner functions: Our employees are providing the support indispensable to the efficient working of our group: IT, HR, Finance, Supply chain, R&D, Communication.


They talk about their jobs

Tatiana – HR Director, Malteurop
Lionel - Agriculture and environmental innovation expert, VIVESCIA Services
Jacqueline - Purchasing and coordination Director, VIVESCIA Services
Gregory – Management Controller, VIVESCIA Services
Julie - Fractionation and purification manager, ARD
Philippe - Silo Operations Manager, VIVESCIA
Fabrice - Infrastructure Director, VIVESCIA Services
Franck - Director for Southern Europe, Délifrance
Caroline - Training and talent development manager, NutriXo
Saraporn - Research and innovation manager, Kalizea

From regional to international

The roots of VIVESCIA are in the Champagne-Ardenne region but our markets are international. The same applies to our people.