Press release
Monday, 17 December, 2018 - 12:15

Délifrance's bakery-restaurants win the 2018 Janus du Commerce award

Délifrance was awarded the 2018 Janus du Commerce at the French Ministry for Europe and foreign affairs today, in the presence of Secretary of State, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. A veritable seal of excellence, this prize acknowledges the brand's efforts to revamp its bakery-restaurant concept worldwide 
and makes it even more attractive to franchisees.

image boutique Délifrance Franchise


Délifrance bakery-restaurants; a pioneering model that has stayed ahead of the pack

Délifrance launched its "French-style bakery-restaurant" concept outside France as early as 1983. Its specific know-how enabled it to build a network of some 350 stores around the world. To retain its leading position on a now very competitive market, in 2015 Délifrance launched its new "Bakery & Bistro" concept. The partnership established with OneBuyOne, the aesthetic choices, and the quality of the food won over Janus du Commerce's jury of professionals.


More than just a makeover; an in-depth approach 

The aim was to adapt to consumers' new lifestyles and consumption habits throughout the day. The customer pathway and service model were revisited for greater modularity. In Japan, for example, where Délifrance has been operating since 2008 and has 49 (soon 50) restaurants, baskets of bread and pastries on high tables replaced long display counters: customers serve themselves before heading straight to the till. This retail model is also popular in Indonesia, where Délifrance opened four restaurants in 2017-2018.

The art of cultivating your difference in a very competitive market… 

Visiting a Délifrance bakery-restaurant is like treating yourself to a short trip to France. The new concept plays the premium card in a bistro-chic atmosphere, while highlighting Délifrance's farming heritage; a sure sign of quality in the eyes of international customers. The human chain that VIVESCIA Group forms from field to fork is something that Délifrance is the only market player to be able to legitimately claim.

… and telling stories about Délifrance's singular identity

Today, photos and murals make explicit reference to farmers, artisan baking know-how, and the Paris Bakery School. Some restaurants also organise events and bakery/patisserie lessons. A blend of tradition and innovation down to the slightest detail.

Increased revenue, and soon "the Janus effect"

Since May 2015, Délifrance has opened 52 restaurants with the new concept (including renovations and new sites). And it's already a hit. Most of the restaurants that have adopted the new concept have seen their turnover grow: + 25% for the very first franchisee in Amsterdam, and up to + 40% in Japan. Receiving a Janus award is recognition of the brand's excellence, making it even more attractive to current and future franchisees. It's a compelling competitive advantage in a very competitive market.

The JANUS awards in brief

Every year, the French Institute of design (IFD) honours companies and local authorities that are committed to progress with a focus on people, industry, and the city. For the Janus award's 65th anniversary, the IFD decided to pay homage to companies in industry, trade, and design professionals distinguished by this label.