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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018 - 08:00

Consolidated results for the financial year ending 30 June 2018: VIVESCIA Group confirms its financial solidity in a volatile economic context

The 2017-2018 financial year saw a return to satisfactory results for VIVESCIA Agriculture, driven by a 30% increase in the harvest. VIVESCIA Industries' businesses also posted good results, especially the Malting business, but these results were offset by the deterioration of the Bakery business's results, due in particular to sharp fluctuations in butter prices.

  • With a turnover of €3.2 billion, down slightly compared to the previous year (-5%), due to in particular to the sale of the starch business and euro/dollar and euro/pound sterling exchange rate effects, the net income group share has held up well at nearly €18 million (compared to €21.8 million in 2017).
  • Its financial fundamentals are solid, with leverage (net debt / EBITDA) of 3.4 and a gearing ratio (net debt / equity) of 73.1%.  
  • Its financial structure allows it to calmly build ambitious plans for the future, and to pursue the path set for its three strategic business lines: farming, malting, and bakery. 

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"We are staying the course and we even have to up the pace to meet the great challenges that await us! Designing the farming of the future, cultivating excellence in our wheat/flour/bread and barley/malt industries, or creating renewed cooperative engagement," declared President of VIVESCIA Group, Christoph Büren. "VIVESCIA's farmers and employees are ready; working together has been the key to the success of VIVESCIA's model for 90 years!", he added.

"In the future, we will continue to rely on our three strategic business lines: Agriculture, with a more efficient cooperative that is more innovative in its capacity to reinvent itself; and Malting and Bakery, two grain-based industries where we want to be European and global champions," continued VIVESCIA Group's Managing Director, Alain Le Floch. "These food industries generate maximum value from our origins and we have the resources to back our ambitions: our employees' know how, the confidence of our financial partners, and high-potential markets that provide so many opportunities for growth."

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