Press release
Tuesday, 7 January, 2020 - 15:00

Christoph Büren was re-elected President of VIVESCIA

Reims, 7 January 2020 - VIVESCIA's Board of Administrators today elected the President and the other members of VIVESCIA's Board Committee. 

img conseil d'administration de VIVESCIA

Christoph Büren has been unanimously re-elected President of VIVESCIA.

The Board Committee is made up of nine elected members: Christoph Büren (President), Nicolas Demoury (Vice President), Sylvain Hinschberger (Vice President), Sylvain Hauchard (Secretary), Jean-Marc Longuet (Treasure), Damien Fosseprez (new member), Louis Jaillant, François Prévoteau et Emmanuel Vieillart.

The Board of Administrators is made up of 25 farmers – who are elected by VIVESCIA cooperative partners – and a representative of the FCPE. It represents the cooperative farmers, oversees activities, sets the objectives, and decides on the cooperative group's strategic direction. 
The President of VIVESCIA is a farmer, who is elected annually by peers.

Conseil d'administration de VIVESCIA


VIVESCIA's 26 administrators (from top to bottom, left to right)

  • Laurent Berthe (President Sector – Dormans)
  • Philippe Bonvallet (President Sector - Châlons-Vallée de Marne)
  • Stéphane Borderieux (President Sector - Coupetz Saint-Ouen)
  • Aurélien Boyau
  • Alain Boynard (President Sector – Vitry Perthois)
  • Christoph Büren (President Sector - Fère-Vertus)
  • Eric Charle (President Sector – Seine Brie Champagne)
  • Alban Collard (President - central territory, President Sector - Suippes-Valmy)
  • Eric Courageot (President Sector – Barrois)
  • Nicolas Demoury (President - western territory)
  • Damien Fosseprez (President Sector – Rethel)
  • Marie Gailliot (President Sector – Mazagran)
  • Jacky Goubault
  • Eric Hamot
  • Sylvain Hauchard (President - northern territory)
  • Sylvain Hinschberger
  • Louis Jaillant
  • Emmanuel Joanot (President Sector – Othe et Chaourçois)
  • Jean-Marc Longuet (President - southern territory, President Sector - Côte des Bar)
  • Jean-Philippe Mignot (President Sector - Lacs et Briennois)
  • Thierry Nice (President Sector – Champicarde)
  • Antoine Oudet (President Sector – Nord-Ardennes)
  • François Prévoteau (President Sector – Reims)
  • Denis Schoellen (President Sector – Revigny Somme-Yèvre)
  • Emmanuel Vieillart (President Sector – Champagne Val de Seine)
  • Jean-Pierre Boucher (Representative of the FCPE).

Employee representatives also sit on the Board of Administrators: Joël Mauclert, Yves Leroy, Nicolas Dethon, Alain Rousselle.