Collaborative spirit

Whatever the activities, we are looking to empower our teams and encourage collective action. A must in a cooperative! This approach is written in our DNA and in our values: “to dare with a spirit of enterprise” goes hand in hand with “to work together”. The structure that we have established for the Human Resources is following the same resolution.

Communities working together

Everywhere, communities of women and men belonging to different entities of the Group are working together to innovate, create together methods for improving the processes, to develop even better quality of products and boost our plants environmental performance.
The “way we do” goes hand in hand with the “way we are”. Being genuine, close and straightforward are the traits we are looking for and carefully nurture, in our relationships with our member-farmers, customers and stakeholders wherever we operate.

An hr structure for a collective intelligence

In order to develop a fair and coherent Human Resources strategy taking into account the features and diversity of our Group, we have established a HR Committee, under the responsibility of the General Manager.
The HR Committee consist of 5 designated directors who are each in charge of a key area. They are all involved in the various projects in partnership with HR departments of the Group’s companies. The approach is pragmatic: we are setting up pilot projects and the experience acquired as a result enables a faster implementation across the Group.

5 key objectives

  • Development of internal mobility that requires the assessment of all positions in France and abroad and the harmonisation of the pay policy.
  • Integration of the talents for the future and the means to bring them on.
  • Skills development of all our employees through the regular follow-up with our “Talents Assessment” to achieve better training plan and internal mobility strategy.
  • Leadership of the management teams (best practices and training) to ensure that the teams benefit from the best management to, in turn, improve their own performance.
  • Group identity and the promotion of our values to enhance a strong feeling of belonging and our appeal as an employer of choice whilst encouraging the collaborative spirit that is the strength of our Group.