VIVESCIA Industries

Regional roots and international reach

Without large commercial ports nearby for the distribution and export of their grain, the VIVESCIA member-farmers soon decided to establish processing plants in their region to add value to their production.

Today, VIVESCIA Industries brings together the Group’s companies specialised in cereal processing mostly for the food industry. They operate on buoyant markets: malting, milling, maize processing, animal feed, adding value to vegetal products and biotechnologies. Most are leaders in their field.

Supplying growing markets to create value

As production is influenced by demand and our markets are global, VIVESCIA invests, upgrades its production facilities and develops internationally.

Servir les marchés en croissance pour créer de la valeur

Our assets:

The expertise of our teams together with the agronomic and industrial savoir-faire inherited from our cereal-growing homeland.

Our strategy is to

  • Innovate for the launch of more added value food products
  • Continue investing for the improvement of our facilities’ performance 
  • Strengthen our worldwide positions on our key markets (bakery ingredients, frozen bakery and ingredient for brewery and distillery) to be:
    - The global ambassador of the bakery "à la française" by capitalising on our undisputed reputation of "savoir-faire" and high-quality products.
    - The leader in high-quality malted ingredients with the strong support of our international operations and our expertise in the barley-malt-beer chain that positions us on premium sectors (craft beers and malted ingredients).
2025 ambitions
Alain Le Floch
Le Floch
Managing Director - VIVESCIA Group & President – VIVESCIA Industries Management Board

Our results are sound. Our foundations are robust. We have the human, industrial, commercial and financial means of our ambitions!

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VIVESCIA Industries’ strategy is all about international growth and expansion, yet the economic environment remains lacklustre and unpredictable

Our results are sound. Our foundations are robust. We have the human, industrial, commercial and financial means of our ambitions! The context is indeed unpredictable but this is not necessarily counterproductive: one must carve one’s own way and grab opportunities. So far, we have taken the right options, as shown by our results.

What are these “right options”?

All our companies are present on the growing markets: the out-of-home catering is expanding worldwide, the brewed beverages (especially beers), the healthy high-quality products that respond to today’s strong consumers’ demand: high-protein products for sportspeople, gluten-free food…The last few years, we have strengthened our international position in high growth potential areas such as Asia where the excellence of the bread and the appeal of pastries “à la française” is a real asset. We can really dare to look far.

Far... like Asia that represents a major development area for VIVESCIA Industries?

The Asia-Pacific area is indeed a major scope for growth, in particular for NutriXo and Malteurop. In 2016, Malteurop’s site in Baoding, China, has increased its production capacity. The Geelong malting plant is conveniently placed by the major port of Melbourne, Australia, and will have doubled its production capacity by the end of 2018. We are ready to supply the Asian markets where the beer and other malted beverages consumption is increasing.

Is this Asian strategy also valid for NutriXo?

Yes, we are supplying part of the Asian market from our plant in Thailand and since 2016, we are also producing in China through the acquisition of La Rose Noire. Its range of premium products is sold in franchise chains widely present in Asia (particularly Starbucks and Pacific Coffees). This is also valid for Délifrance’s bakery-restaurants. After Hong Kong, we are opening stores in India and several projects are well under way in UAE, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. We have 450 stores worldwide and our ambition is to double the number of boutiques worldwide within 5 years. Asia is indeed a destination of choice.

Is grain a growth market?

Absolutely! Grain consumption responds to a primary need. Our outlook is very positive on a buoyant market driven by a constant increase in population. Lifestyles might be evolving but grain carries on being consumed every day at every meal in many shapes and forms. This is why our activity is in for the long-term unlike many other industries.

Wheat is also a major source of vegetal proteins...

Vegetal proteins are bound to complement animal proteins that will not be sufficient to feed the world population. Therefore, the more the farmers can produce higher protein content wheat, the better we can meet the global food challenge. This is the mission of our Group.

What are your ambitions for the future?

We want to always improve our performance across all our activities and to deliver even better returns for our shareholders. We have the required assets to be worldwide leaders on the Bakery and Malting markets. Beyond this, our ambition is to have the grain considered as something more than just a commodity (for which, volume is the only measure) and to reach a more noble and legitimate status as a "source of nutrition" allied with taste.

This is why you are talking about “gourmet-grain”?

We are producing breads and croissants…Our malt is used to brew beer... Every day we endeavour to deliver added value to the potential of the grain by celebrating its nutritional and delicious values. We want to be the herald of the “gourmet-grain”, healthy and available to the many!


VIVESCIA Industries in figures

€2.3 Bn turnover6,500 employees across 24 countries4,000 individual investors

The activities of VIVESCIA Industries

Milling/Bakery – NutriXo

From wheat to bread... and croissants!

Malting – Malteurop

From barley to malt and from malt to beer

Maize processing – Kalizea

From breakfast to snacks, maize is everywhere!

Animal feed – Nealia

Regional partner of livestock farmers


Research and biotechnologies – ARD

Project hothouse and innovation booster