VIVESCIA Industries

Regional roots and international reach

Without large commercial ports nearby for the distribution and export of their grain, the VIVESCIA member-farmers soon decided to establish processing plants in their region to add value to their production.

Today, VIVESCIA Industries brings together the Group’s companies specialised in cereal processing mostly for the food industry. They operate on buoyant markets: malting, milling, maize processing, animal feed, adding value to vegetal products and biotechnologies. Most are leaders in their field.

Supplying growing markets to create value

As production is influenced by demand and our markets are global, VIVESCIA invests, upgrades its production facilities and develops internationally.

Servir les marchés en croissance pour créer de la valeur

Our assets:

The expertise of our teams together with the agronomic and industrial savoir-faire inherited from our cereal-growing homeland.

Our strategy is to

  • Innovate for the launch of more added value food products
  • Continue investing for the improvement of our facilities’ performance 
  • Strengthen our worldwide positions on our key markets (bakery ingredients, frozen bakery and ingredient for brewery and distillery) to be:
    - The global ambassador of the bakery "à la française" by capitalising on our undisputed reputation of "savoir-faire" and high-quality products.
    - The leader in high-quality malted ingredients with the strong support of our international operations and our expertise in the barley-malt-beer chain that positions us on premium sectors (craft beers and malted ingredients).

VIVESCIA Industries in figures

2 billions turnover5,500 employees4,400 Individual investors

The activities of VIVESCIA Industries

Grands Moulins de Paris

Grands Moulins de Paris

Serving craft bakers but not only...

Délifrance, « La boulangerie-pâtisserie inspirée » de Paris à Pékin...


Malting – Malteurop

From barley to malt and from malt to beer

Maize processing – Kalizea

From breakfast to snacks, maize is everywhere!

Animal feed – Nealia

Regional partner of livestock farmers


Research and biotechnologies – ARD

Project hothouse and innovation booster