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Gourmet passion and tradition

VIVESCIA activities are primarily directed towards B2B but, through some of our brands, we are in direct contact with the end-consumers. This is particularly the case with NutriXo and Grands Moulins de Paris, the Francine flour, the Campaillette and Copaline bakery stores, and the Délifrance cafés-bakeries franchise abroad.

Francine, the leading flour brand for home baking

Francine belongs to the French baking heritage. Strong of its experience, it continuously innovates and introduces even more gourmet easy-to-use products. The Francine recipes, sweet or savoury, are only matched by the creativity and inspiration of the consumers!

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Campaillette and its “bakery kiosk”

Our Campaillette bakeries are honouring the craft baker: wide and attractive display of products, bakehouse on view, convivial space, warm and elegant decoration…with an added feature: the illuminated sign changes colour to indicate when the bread is warm.

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Copaline, “in tune with nature and socially responsible”

The brand’s 4 strong points of difference are: simplicity, respect for nature, ingenuity and solidarity. The product range recommended by the brand is focused and carefully prepared from seasonal ingredients. The shop window displays clever accessories such as a bike rack and wind-powered signage whilst the clever and practical interior layout is showcasing the products.

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Delifrance, excellence "à la française” across the world

For 30 years, the "inspired bakery" has been offering solutions and products originating from the age-old French bakery savoir-faire (bread, pastries, patisserie, savouries) to the out-of-home catering companies, food retail multiples and craft bakers (in France and abroad).

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