Press release
Friday, 16 November, 2018 - 10:15

VIVESCIA has teamed up with the photographer, Guillaume Czerw, for a series of photographs called "des Hommes et des grains" (people and grain)

VIVESCIA has enlisted the help of Guillaume Czerw to promote this growing community of demanding and passionate farmers and employees 
who attend to the grain every day.

You can see the photos on the website, which gives an overview of the whole Grain Route, from field to fork.


A deep dive into the lives of the men and women that make VIVESCIA what it is 

This series features around 50 photos, giving pride of place to VIVESCIA's employees, their meticulous expertise, and their everyday actions at key moments like during the harvest, when malting barley, or preparing pastries. More than just the tale of their everyday lives, "des Hommes et des grains" is also a tribute to the mastery, know-how, and passion that drives them. Over the last few years, VIVESCIA has sought to develop demanding artistic and photographic collaborations to establish a connection between those who sow, cultivate, produce, and process the grain with those who consume and enjoy it.

A choice guided by Guillaume Czerw's distinctive and sensitive style

When he presses the shutter release button, his objective is always the same: to reflect the essence of an object, an action, or an encounter by highlighting the contrasts and playing with the light.

Guillaume Czerw, who followed VIVESCIA's teams from June to October 2018 gives his take: "I love discovering new worlds. I already knew the bakery industry, but I had never done such a wide-ranging photo report, from farming to industry. What do they have in common? They are ultimately both very technical professions, which meant I really had to understand them to reconcile the photo shoot
with the aesthetic criteria. What struck me was how special the cooperative model is – everyone’s really working together, whether they’re a small outfit or a big business. They also share a strong interest in grain," he adds.



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