Our communication campaign

What do we know about all the talented people who strive to produce the warm baguettes or croissants that we greedily devour?
What is the background of the corn in your cereals?
Where does the glucose in sweets, ice cream and chocolate come from?
What path has the barley trodden and how was it cared for before the beer lover brings his lips to the generous foam of his favourite malted beverage?

Before the grain is eaten, in whatever form that may be, it must first go through a multitude of stages that consumers are not necessarily aware of. And for each stage, our farmers and employees are working, applying their unique know-how and aware of their responsibilities throughout the production chain: they know that the quality of our products, their flavour, and the preservation of our natural resources depends on them…
This campaign aims to bring them out of the shadows and pay homage to their professionalism.

Why was this campaign developed ?
Alain Le Floch

Interview with Alain Le Floch, Managing Director of VIVESCIA

Why did VIVESCIA launch this communication campaign?

First of all, because praise of the farming world is all too rare. And if we don't do it ourselves, no one will do it for us! Farmers understandably often feel misunderstood, or even poorly thought of…  The aim, therefore, is to raise awareness of and promote both farming and the food industry, as well as create an accurate image of the group. This campaign shines a spotlight on us: we talk about our professions. We are proud of these professions and we want people to know it! We must let people know! It is important to shine a light on the 18,000 men and women, farmers and employees, brought together by the VIVESCIA cooperative...


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Why now?

We have a long history, but VIVESCIA is a young group. Considering our size, the diversity of our businesses, and our geographical dispersion, the time had come to structure our "corporate culture", to embody it, and to give it a new wind... This communication campaign is kind of our way of growing up; of finally expressing ourselves and saying "We are called VIVESCIA, and this is what we are". We wanted to show everyone, without boasting but not without pride, the progress accomplished and the path trodden.

And why did you produce this portrait gallery?

We are a cooperative group, that is to say, a group of men and women committed to a shared project founded on producing and processing grain, in all its forms and with all its possibilities. That's what this portrait gallery represents: a strong community, which is united by values, but which is also very diverse.

There are many different faces because they illustrate our businesses and professions, and how we see them: we see member-farmers, and employees of the farming and industrial businesses... This campaign talks about what we do and what brings us together within VIVESCIA, namely cereal grain: those who produce it, those who take care of it, those who clean it, those who protect it, and those in the companies who generate value by processing it, to bring it to consumers or food industry manufacturers. Through these faces, this campaign highlights both our businesses and our values.

Is it also a sign of the Group's dynamic?

Evidently, this film and the 15 portraits express the joys, hopes, and above all the ambitions that drive us every day in our work: professions that are both so different but also so complementary being based, as they are, on the same respect for the product…

By proudly displaying our convictions and how we work, we are also talking about our strengths, our assets: the professionalism and mentality of our teams are the key to our future success. This campaign displays both our positioning, our calling to "nourish people", and our determination to be a major player in the food industry.

Needless to say, this campaign can be enjoyed and shared freely with friends and family...  And, of course, with our professional partners, who will know us a bit better in the future!


The film

To all those that played along
This film, directed by Antoine Besse, is dedicated to all those who are passionate about grain, and everyone it nourishes worldwide. 

45-second version
30-second version

Find out more about the stars of the film

Antoine Besse

A word from the director of the film, Antoine Besse

"I grew up in the countryside, which is quite rare among directors, so I immediately felt comfortable with the subject matter and the field. Moreover, I am originally a documentary maker, and here, the aim was precisely to film real people – farming and food industry specialists – in their professional environment. Everyone played along brilliantly. It wasn't necessarily easy and I thank them for it. Then, filming fields, choosing the right time of day to get the lighting right, to show how beautiful the countryside and all its colours, was a real pleasure... The casting was great and so were the locations. In short, it was a wonderful experience!"


The photos

These portraits by Yann Le Pape illustrate the commitment and determination of these men and women in their everyday work, striving for the same goal: to feed people.

Yann Le Pape

A word from the photographer, Yann Le Pape

"It wasn't easy for everyone we photographed. Because, beyond their image, it was the whole profession they were embodying. But they all played along in good humour; they trusted us and were really professional. Well done to all of them! Especially considering how intense it was. In most cases, we had very little time to find the right locations and work out the framing. Discovering all these professions, from the fields to the production sites, whose industrial technology is so impressive, immersing myself in the food industry, which I barely knew, was a fascinating experience. It's fascinating to see everything you can do with a simple grain…"


Getting to know us better

VIVESCIA is a cooperative farming and food industry group that specialises in producing and processing grain.

Owned by 11,000 member-farmers, VIVESCIA has 8,000 employees in France and around the world. Vertically integrated "from the farmer to the consumer", VIVESCIA works closely with a wide variety of customers, from food industry multi-nationals and regional customers, to supply people with natural, healthy, and delicious cereal-based food products.

The humble grain brings us together,

as well as being the driving force behind our companies and our regions,

and benefiting everyone.


Interview with Fabrice Bourgeois-Armurier, VIVESCIA Communication Director 

With photos and a film, this is a corporate campaign that attempts to convey a strong message. What is the logic behind it?

This campaign is the most visible expression of who we are to date, through a film and 15 portraits. It shows the people of VIVESCIA in a positive light, as well as promoting what unites us and underpins our culture: grain, that organic material that has been the basis of the human diet for millennia. It also illustrates our activities, which are being developed through vertical integration, and our cooperative status, which alone implies a certain vision of long-term collaboration. This campaign resembles us and brings us together...

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So this campaign isn't just a "publicity stunt"?

No, it's a major part of our wider thinking about the Group's communication: a key element that first aims to accelerate the internal realisation of what we represent, and how strong we all are together.

Why did you choose to put the spotlight on your members and employees?

For us, it was an obvious choice. The aim of this campaign was to promote farming and the food industry. It's an invitation to get to know us better, to discover the passionate men and women, doing exciting jobs. No one is in a better position to do this than VIVESCIA's farmers and employees. And the project was greeted favourably – enthusiastically even – when we presented it to them. And the testimonials we collected after the photo shoots and when we shot the film confirm it. Everyone played along, and I think they are proud to contribute to promoting VIVESCIA's farming and food processing businesses. Our members and are teams really are our main ambassadors to the public... 

So your aim wasn't only to raise awareness of your businesses?

There are multiple objectives: to improve understanding of our businesses, to reinforce the pride in being part of a group and, of course, to increase awareness of the Group. We are a major economic player in the east of France, which is where we originated, especially in terms of direct and indirect jobs. We must do more to raise awareness of this, to allow people to get to know us better and encourage the talents of the future to join us, to develop and further strengthen the region's dynamism. But in the long term, our national and international brand awareness is also important as we operate in many regions around France and on international markets.

Most of your customers are professionals. Why develop a campaign aimed at the general public?

First of all, some of our brands are well known, very well-known even, by the general public. It's true in France, for example, with Francine flour, as well as with certain bakery brands like Campaillette and Copaline…  Abroad, our Délifrance shops are synonymous with "French excellence" and "inspired bakery", and are a benchmark in terms of bread and patisserie quality. We also do a lot of B2B, but that doesn't mean we have to stay in the shadows. Farming and food interests consumers, and civil society has high expectations. Many economic, political, and media stakeholder discuss these issues, and we are familiar with them. As specialists, we have the credibility and legitimacy required to speak up and give our point of view. So this campaign is also a way for us to open up more to the outside world, to create this link with our stakeholders.

The expression "Nourish people" appears several times in this campaign. Isn't the concept a little abstract?

On the contrary, it’s perfectly concrete for us! That’s the purpose of all our businesses. It's a responsibility that everyone accepts in their own way, every day. It's a guiding principal, like a recurrent theme that implicitly guides our everyday actions. In farms, we talk about "good harvests", "good grain", and "well maintained soil", and on industrial sites, we talk about "quality", "food safety", "preserving our resources", and R&D to improve flavours and textures… The purpose of all this – all this know-how – is to produce good grain to make good products that we can be proud of, which we enjoy, and that will feel the world. And that's exactly what the people who spoke in this campaign said.

How will this campaign be rolled out?

We prefer a controlled and measured approach. Our primary audience consists of our members and employees. They are our best ambassadors to pass on our messages internally and externally. This is their campaign: we hope that they take ownership of it and spread the word about it. This campaign sets the tone of our communication policy – about people and grain – which will be built up and told in the long term!


A word from Evelyne Soum, Consultancy Director of the communication agency gyro:ailleurs exactement

"As communication people, the initial meeting with VIVESCIA Group was a revelation for us, which influenced the entire design and creative process for your new communications territory. We met incredible men and women, whose drive, energy, and ambition seemed so intimately linked to the essential cooperative idea and the humanism that drives it...

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That's why we wanted YOU to embody this communication campaign, for it to show who you are through what you do. Who and what VIVESCIA is – by seeing and experiencing what these people do every day – your teams all over the world, individually embodying your professions and your collective values. That's what these photos, expressions and messages convey. We hope they will be impactful and enduring just like the professional and human group that is VIVESCIA.”


Making of

The campaign kit