Our shared commitments

Health & Safety in the workplace

We take care of the people who work with VIVESCIA”. Health and safety is an absolute priority for VIVESCIA Group and a non-negotiable condition for any business activity. Our ultimate objective is still to reach zero accidents. This major commitment is based on the CARE programme, which continues to be rolled out on every site, in every country that we operate in.

The principles and commitments of the CARE programme have been laid out in the health and safety charter. We have created eight life-saving rules based on the main risks we face. Rolled out to all Group companies, these simple rules apply to everyone.

Safety Day: Over the last three years, all the employees of VIVESCIA, all over the world, wherever the Group has operations, have got together for this big day devoted to health and safety. Workshops, games, and presentations are organised simultaneously all over the world to advance our safety programme, CARE, to celebrate our progress, and to improve health and safety in the workplace for everyone.


Indicatros: Health & Safety in the workplace

Grain sustainability

This commitment is a response to strong demand from consumers who are mindful of the quality of their food, and of their health. Beyond the prerequisite of ensuring that all our products meet food safety standards, we have set ourselves a target: to source 100% of the grain we harvest, purchase or process from sustainable farming by 2025.

This is a major commitment, and our members, backed by their cooperative, have been working to achieve it for many years.

In February 2019, we made the decision to support the High Environmental Value scheme (known by its French acronym, HVE). This is a joint scheme to secure the long-term viability of grain farming. It offers a core framework, backed by the French authorities, on which to build positive-impact supply chains such as those developed by our industrial customers (LU Harmony and Nestlé Préférence).

Turning to our grain processing businesses (VIVESCIA Industries), commitments have again been made to work more sustainably. The most notable examples are the move away from storage insecticides for milling wheat and the use of malting barley grown to SAI (Sustainable Agricultural Initiative) standards.

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Local communities and expertise

This commitment is an extension of our values and our cooperative spirit: sharing our expertise to support the development of the regions we operate in.

We have decided to go a step further and widen our reach to other communities and regions by taking part in projects to help vulnerable groups, helping business creators, supporting training and career change programmes, partnering schemes to get young people into work, coordinating projects and opening up our doors to our stakeholders and sharing information with them.

Over the last year, Le CŒUR de VIVESCIA, an association that brings together our cooperative’s farmers and the Group’s employees to work on projects that matter to them, has stepped up a gear with several large-scale programmes. The association has returned to its original focus on rural communities, agriculture, and food. It has decided to prioritise projects relating to entrepreneurship, access to employment and training, and regional development.

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