Our CSR approach

As a group born in the heartland of the great farming cooperatives, with their principles of mutual aid and solidarity, CSR is a central part of VIVESCIA's identity. Processed and unprocessed grain are the resource on which the companies that make up the Group are built.
Our companies and our cooperative members are united by a shared purpose: to nourish people. Now, more than ever, this is a huge responsibility.

Three interdependent pillars

Our CSR policy aims to best reconcile our entrepreneurial ambitions with the economic challenges we face and our role in society. Launched in 2014, and reviewed in 2018, the purpose of VIVESCIA's CSR policy is to support the Group's strategy and highlight its points of difference. It is due to be re-evaluated during the 2020-2021 financial year, but some adjustments have already been made since 2018. It rests on three interdependent pillars:

  • Three commitments that are unique to VIVESCIA Group and which apply to all our businesses.
  • A Foundation of credibility that includes all the non-financial risks and fundamental challenges that apply to all economic actors.
  • Initiatives that are specific to the Group's different businesses and are consistent with their own challenges.

Our CSR approach


Our shared commitments

Health & Safety in the workplace, Grain sustainability, Local communities and expertise

Our foundation of credibility

Ethics, Greenhouse gases, Human resources – Talent & skills, Sustainable purchasing (excluding raw...