NutriXo in profile

Les Grands Moulins de Paris, Francine flour, Campaillette and Copaline craft bakers, Délifrance “cafés-restaurants” at the four corners of the globe, that’s NutriXo!
As a leading miller since 1919, the group has diversified its activities over the years and innovated for the greatest pleasure of its customers.
Today, NutriXo is successfully rising with the new consumption patterns, the growth of out-of-home catering and the demand for premium products.

NutriXo’s ambition is to promote the excellence of the bakery “à la française” across all continents.

  • Grands Moulins de Paris embodies all milling activities of the Group. It means that it is the first miller in France and one of the leaders in Europe.
  • With Délifrance, it is also a leader in frozen bakery products (breads, pastries, patisserie and savouries)
  • Pioneer on the international market of “bakery-café” and true ambassador of the “excellence à la française” in terms of bakery and pastries, Délifrance Retail Franchise International comprises 450 boutiques worldwide and is developing in Asia and the Middle East.

NutriXo activities

Grands Moulins de Paris

Serving craft bakers but not only...

École de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie de Paris

The Paris Bakery and Patisserie...

Every year, our school welcomes apprentices from all over the world!

Délifrance, « La boulangerie-pâtisserie inspirée » de Paris à Pékin...


Délifrance, l’excellence du pain et de la viennoiserie française à l’international...

International Franchise

The worldwide excellence of French bread and pastries

NutriXo Brands

NutriXo in figures

1st miller in France A European leader in Bakery, Pastries, PatisserieOver 1,500 craft bakers Under the Campaillette and Copaline brands350 Délifrance cafes-bakery


Spotlight on passionate employees and committed ‘partners in their customers’ success

Key Account Director

2008 : Cyndi was Sales Director at France Farine when it was acquired by Grands Moulins de Paris in 2002 under the Francine brand
2010 : Heads up the Francine brand Pancake Day campaign for the first time
2014 : Appointed Key Account Director of the Francine brand

Your professional career to date has been completely focused on flour. Why did you choose this particular product?
The first thing to say is that I love cooking, and I’m interested in everything to do with food! When I first joined Grands Moulins de Paris, I was excited by the challenge of equipping and training the sales team to raise the profile of the brand to a new level. Since then, everything has happened very quickly, and I now head up the key account customer management team for supermarkets and  hypermarkets.

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Can you describe the Francine Pancake Day campaign for us?
Pancake Day is the only time of the year when Francine ventures beyond its usual shelves to gondola heads: an absolutely key time of the year for this brand! Francine also provided the impetus for the introduction of the Crêpes en Fête committee. This committee unites 5 crêpe-related brands, and is the only industry-wide committee to survive since 1998!

The Francine brand achieved its highest ever share of the Pancake Day market this year, so what made that possible?
Francine sold 3 million units for Pancake Day, giving us a market share of 44.4%; a level not seen since 2010! The roots of this success lie in a detailed sales and marketing policy fairly distributed between the brands represented on the committee. So this year, we were able to negotiate an agreement with E. Leclerc. The in-store promotions by our sales force also played a key role. Lastly, the comprehensive radio, press and online campaign also helped to build loyalty and recruit new consumers. All three were major assets in developing the leadership of Francine!

Digital Operations Manager

2008 : Completed his business studies, which had taken him to Canada and England
2012 : Joined Grands Moulins de Paris
2019 : Launched the Grands Moulins de Paris e-commerce website

Why did you choose to work for Grands Moulins de Paris?
When I arrived in 2012, Grands Moulins de Paris was expanding its organisational structure and IT systems to boost sales and marketing efficiency.
I immediately saw the opportunity that this position would give me to combine my business skills with my keen interest in everything digital. I saw it as a unique opportunity to contribute to the transformation of an international company using resources and systems that fascinate me!

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What do you like most about your job?
I suppose you could say that I’m a kind of secret weapon for the operational implementation of our digital strategy. I’m helping to make the Grands Moulins de Paris commitment to be Partners in their Customers'Success a reality. The website is already proving incredibly successful, with 60% of our customers having already activated their accounts. I'm now working on the next round of  updates, because we’ve planned quarterly development packages throughout 2020. And this is just the beginning!

Why did you create this new e-commerce website?
The online sales website offers an ordering channel that complements telemarketing and the physical in-store presence of our sales representatives.
For companies like Grands Moulins de Paris, it had become essential to have an e-commerce website to take advantage of the growing importance of this channel in BtoB markets, and to meet bakers’ expectations of simplicity and freedom. The platform we designed is actually much more than just a shop window, because it features articles, news, recipes, business advice and educational videos too. What we’ve designed is a website that is full of life and with features that make customers want to keep on coming back!


Industrial Bakery

Spotlight on employees who, each in their own way,
bring the art of french-style bakery and viennoiserie to the world

Development & Innovation Manager - Viennoiserie

2007 : Joined Délifrance
2017 : Appointed to head up the Viennoiserie R&D department
2019 : Go Clean programme launch

What do you like best about Délifrance?
I’m absolutely convinced that our health depends on the food we eat, and that each of us has ultimate responsibility for our own wellbeing. Working at Délifrance gives me the opportunity to design innovative new products and develop our range in ways that offer our consumers better products. During the year, we launched the Go Clean programme, and I’m really proud to have been part of this initiative!

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What exactly is the Go Clean programme?
The three priorities of the Go Clean programme are simplified recipes, sustainable ingredients and high nutritional value. We are gradually removing controversial ingredients from our recipes, sometimes at the request of customers, and sometimes at our own initiative. Naturally, for some recipes, this poses a technical challenge for our teams and also puts pressure on our suppliers, but it’s this process that will allow us to help the industry move forward on essential issues like these.

What does innovation mean to you?
For me, it’s all about applying creativity to create unique experiences and improving people's lives, whether in terms of health or convenience... My job puts me at the interface between many teams,
all of whom have different needs, so my role is to offer them products that meet their expectations. Our involvement in the innovation process begins at the earliest stage of generating new ideas alongside the sales and marketing teams, and runs right through to manufacturing. So you need good listening skills, coordination and perseverance for long-term projects like Go Clean.

Carles NIETO
Director of Délifrance Iberica

2000 : Joined the family firm Pastisart as a sales representative
2018 : Joined Délifrance as Managing Director of its Spanish subsidiary

Why did you decide to join Délifrance?
After 18 years in the family firm, I wanted to move on to an executive management role. The ability of Délifrance to innovate and its plan to develop its Spanish subsidiary by winning new customers and setting up new sales networks were what persuaded me immediately that I should join the Group.

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What strengths does Délifrance have in the Spanish market?
In Spain, Délifrance is seen as a company that offers highquality French-style products. We have a role to play in providing a premium offering that complements existing ranges. Délifrance is growing strongly in the Spanish market and delivering some exceptional results (sales up 19% year-on-year) that outperform the market.

How do you see the future?
We are very positive about the future. We have great potential for further growth, and we’re focusing particularly on extending our distribution network to holiday hotspots and communities with high population densities. For 2019/2020, we are targeting a level of annual revenue double that of 2015/2016, and we’re confident that we will achieve the revenue level set in our budget. The personal commitment and professionalism of our team members are key to our success and essential for hitting our targets!


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