With the creation of a fourth production line, Délifrance’s production site in Romans-sur-Isère (France) is consolidating its role as a centre of excellence for viennoiserie

Press release
Friday, 22 March, 2019 - 08:30

Inaugurated on 21 March 2019, the new frozen viennoiserie production line in Romans-sur-Isère helps the plant consolidate its role as an international centre of excellence in manufacturing. With 25,000 tonnes of additional production capacity – 1.5 million viennoiseries per day – Délifrance (a company of VIVESCIA group) is positioning itself to meet fast-growing demand for viennoiserie products on international markets.

Avec la création d’une 4e ligne de production, le site Délifrance de Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme) conforte son rôle de pôle d’excellence de viennoiseries

According to Délifrance's CEO, Ian Dobbie : "with this new line, Romans is now unique in terms of its size, its production capacity, its flexibility, its capacity to adapt, and the know-how of its current and future teams. We can be competitive and confidently develop products for premium international markets."

Romans plant manager, Arnaud Carré, added, "by consolidating its role as a centre of excellence in manufacturing, Romans is also helping to boost the regional economy. 60% of the companies that worked on the construction site were local, and 70 people have already been recruited for the launch of this fourth line".

Usine Délifrance - Romans sur Isère

  • The new line is capable of producing 1.5 million viennoiserie products per day: croissants, pains aux raisins, pains aux chocolats, and filled croissants, with or without topping, small or large… In total, an additional 25,000 tonnes production capacity have been added to the site's existing annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes. 70 new jobs have been created, with a total of 360 people working on the site.
  • The viennoiserie market has been growing for more than 10 years and this trend is set to continue: +5% per year on average in Europe. Growth is around 4% for frozen ready-to-bake and as high as 6% for frozen fully baked products. Asia and North America are the two regions with the strongest growth. Building line 4 had a twin objective: to have production facilities capable of meeting demand and to guarantee even more premium and competitive products for Délifrance's customers. It was also an opportunity to centralise viennoiserie expertise by creating a unique international centre of excellence that will serve both northern and southern Europe, as well as Asia, and North America.
  • A huge construction project, with no recorded accidents: This 8,000 m² project took 450 people and 82 partners ten months to complete. Health and safety was a priority throughout the project. All service providers were systematically trained and informed.
  • An ergonomic, high-tech, versatile, and environmentally virtuous production line: The line is "spread out" with space between the machines and optimised ergonomics to facilitate its operation. As the line can produce croissants, pains au chocolats, and pain aux raisins of every size, specific equipment was designed to make it easier to quickly change from one format to another, thereby reducing disturbance and stress for operators during these changeovers. Fitted with energy-efficient electric motors, it also boasts energy recovery systems and heat pumps.

With this new line, Délifrance has a uniquely flexible production facility that can supply Europe, as well as Asia and North America, with even more premium and competitive products.

About VIVESCIA Group:
VIVESCIA is an international, cooperative farming and food processing group, with 7,500 employees in 24 countries, generating revenue of €3.2 billion. Specialising in producing and adding value to grain through food applications, VIVESCIA is owned by 11,000 farmers from the north-east of France.
As the leading French grain cooperative, VIVESCIA is committed to taking care of grain, from field to fork. 1 in 10 croissants in Europe are produced by our group; 1 in 10 beers worldwide are produced with our malt; Francine, the leading flour brand on the French market, is an integral part of the cooking experience for millions of French families. Every day around the world, thousands of consumers enjoy delicious sweet and savoury snacks together in our 350 Délifrance restaurants.
Over the last 90 years, a Grain Community has emerged, driven by the same entrepreneurial ambition to further their mission: to nourish people. Every day, VIVESCIA's farmers and employees undertake to innovate for more sustainable farming and food.
About Délifrance
For more than 30 years, Délifrance – a company of VIVESCIA Group – has never stopped developing new bakery, patisserie, viennoiserie, and savoury products for foodservice professionals, retailers, and artisan bakers in more than 100 countries around the world. Thanks to our heritage, our artisan techniques, our baking tradition, and our high taste and quality standards, our customers all over the world can attract, satisfy, and delight their consumers at any time of day. From our farmers, to our millers, our bakers, our employees, and our customers, we are collectively committed to finding new and pioneering sources of improvement, while fostering a profound respect for our heritage and our desire to pass it on.
With 3,400 employees and revenue of €760 million for the year ending 30 June 2018, 80% of which was generated outside of France, Délifrance is one of Europe's leading frozen bakery manufacturers.