Sepac, the biggest agricultural supplies trader in the Haute-marne departement

The biggest agricultural company in the Haute-Marne department, SEPAC focuses on supplying farmers and collecting their crops. SEPAC's values are reactivity, being close to its customers, versatility, and common sense.

SepacAt a time when global markets impose their share of constraints and regulations, the aim of SEPAC's teams is to increase their farmer-customers' margins.

Through VIVESCIA group, SEPAC is involved upstream and downstream of farms' activities, through the provision of plant health products and animal feed, in particular.

SEPAC looks to further consolidate relationships with national and international processing companies with a view to providing commercial opportunities for plant crops.

All this allows us to affirm that SEPAC is a real partner for farms, both now and in the future…

Key figures:

€128 M turnover, 73 employees.