Maferme, web solutions for the entire agricultural sector

Our business

Maferme is a publisher of internet-based software for the farming industry.
Founded over 10 years ago, Maferme originated from the farming industry and helps farming industry players (cooperatives, traders, etc.) with their projects and the development of their services for farms through the Atland solution and a service platform.

Our solution

Atland puts the farmer at the heart of the industry, and gives operators a comprehensive farm management solution.
We have a unique range of products and services, which use the latest web technologies and are in line with the requirements of farming practices.

Atland :

  • is multi-industry, multi-farm, and multi-source,
  • is modular, to adapt to the needs and the strategy of each user,
  • uses a centralised database, guaranteeing the uniqueness of information, and the right and autonomy of farmers to distribute their information,
  • can be integrated to industry operators’ existing Information Systems and Decision-Making tools,
  • is in line with the requirements of practices and regulations
  • has off-line solutions
  • is completed by a service platform available to industry operators and their farmers

Atland is designed for the major farming industries: large-scale farming, vines, market gardening, and breeding, and covers many areas of activity:

  • Farming processes (diagnostics, quality procedures, energy audits, certification, etc.)
  • The management of parcel-based and intraparcel-based information
  • Regulatory support (CAP declarations, product inspections, conditionality of subsidies)
  • The agronomic and environmental monitoring of farming practices (fertilisation, phytosanitary programme, precision agriculture)
  • Consultancy, the management of recommendations
  • Techno-economic monitoring

Our priority

We define ourselves as our customers’ partner, capable of supporting and relaying their strategy in the long-term, beyond just the implementation of an IT solution.

“the value of precision”

All actions and interventions on your farms must be well thought-out; the precise recording of inputs is the guarantee that their execution, monitoring, and use are correct. Maferme’s mission through Atland is to do everything to ensure that this information is reliable, shared, and part of an approach that aims to optimise farming practices.